Microfiltration equipment for different branches

The products known since 1991 under the brand “Express-Eco” are presently manufactured by a Group of Companies “Obninsk Filters” including “Research-and-Manufacturing Enterprise Eco-Filter”, limited liability company, “Obninsk Filters”, Limited Liability Company and “Express-Eco-Filter”, Limited Liability Company. Continuing the 30-year work, the companies develop and manufacture new filtering materials, utilise modern fluid and gas treatment methods, provide engineering and consulting services, and carry out scientific research in the field of microfiltration. During the last few years the companies have considerably expanded their clients base and presently work with the companies of oil and gas industry, metallurgical, chemical, nuclear, machine-building, space, pharmaceutical, food, electronic instrument making industries, and other industries. The company’s objective is the development of optimal filtration and separation process solutions for the companies of various industries.