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Obninsk Filters Group proposes a solution for enterprises engaged in the production of kvass:

  • filtering barrel kvass in order to increase its resistance to water;  
  • providing filtering when pouring kvass into a bottle.

Filtering barrel kvass

kvass filtering The proposed filtration system allows:  

  • effectively solve the problem of reducing the number of yeast cells;  
  • increase the roasting resistance of kvass poured into barrels or kegs for up to 7 or more calendar days.

The service life of filter elements is up to 2 years (subject to regular CIP-washing).

The filtration system can be equipped with a pump, automatic equipment to maintain the required pressure or flow rate from the installation, as well as the supply line of filtered detergent solutions, returning them to the tank or discharging into the sewers.

Filtration materials used:

- ultra high molecular weight polyethylene trade mark"ECOPLAST-PE" with filtration rating 2, 5, 10 microns;
- fiberglass-based composite material trade mark "ECOSTEK" with filtration rating of 0.5, 1, 2, 5 microns.

All materials withstand  flushing and sterilization hot acid-base solutions, water, to them can be applied other methods of sanitary-chemical processing.

Providing filtering of kvass when bottling

Especially for filtering kvass, the installation of the “CASCADE” series has been developed, which includes three filtration stages, which allows to perform sequentially:  

  1. pre-bleaching filtering using elements of the brand ECOPLAST-PE on the basis of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene with filtration rating 5 microns;  
  2. thin lightening filtering with partial by using the marks  ECOSTEK on basis compositional material of  fiberglass with filtration rating 0.5 microns;  
  3. providing filtering of kvass with an increase in its resistance to 6 months with   using membrane elements of the brand ECOPOR-F42 based on a hydrophilic membrane made of Fluoroplast-42 with a filtration rating of 0.45 microns.  

kvass filtering The unit is equipped with filters for filtering water and cleaning solutions with a pump for washing, sterilizing and regenerating the filter elements of the main kvass supply line. There are two entrances for water and detergent solutions, while the solutions can be used in recycling mode.

All filter materials withstand repeated CIP washing. All filtration equipment has certificates for use in the food industry. We will be able to select equipment that meets your requirements and wishes.