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Designed for cleaning highly polluted water-alcohol (HRV) solutions in continuous mode from mechanical particles (including pulverized coal) of size 1 – 5 microns. Installations are designed for capacity 2.5, 6, 8 and 16 m3/h.

Basic Filter  

Filtration units are a prefabricated structure (see photo) made of stainless steel, consisting of several filter holders, electric pumps, valves and fittings mounted on a single frame. The unit has a drain pan. There is a sound and light alarm during emergency operation (no air, water).

Industrial filters can operate in both constant flow mode and constant discharge pressure mode.

The principle of the filtration plant:

Suspension is pumped to the inputs of parallel first-stage filters with cartridge filtering elements of stainless mesh.

Two to four filters work at the same time, while one is in regeneration, the rest – in work. After the filters of the first stage is finally cleaned on the filter of the second stage.

The pressure at the inlet to the filtration unit, at the inlet to the second stage and at the outlet of the installation is controlled by electronic pressure sensors, the flow is controlled by an electronic flow meter and maintained at a predetermined level using a frequency regulator controlling the pump operation.

During the work periodically, in the automatic mode, the regeneration of the filters of the first stage is performed. The coal sediment is washed into the filter - trap, which, after drying, is rinsed with a reverse flow of water into the sewage system. The processes of filling, washing and regeneration of filters are fully automated and take place without human intervention according to a specially developed algorithm implemented in the controller. Information about the basic parameters of the installation is displayed on the controller display.

Scheme for continuous filtration of carbon-containing solutions

Series Installations « Cascade-U »  




Multi-cartridge filter with stainless steel filter elements. grids with a rating of 5 microns.


Multi-cartridge filter with filter elements rated 1 µm.


Centrifugal pump, single block, explosion-proof, ONC


Filter trap with stainless steel disk filter element. grids with a mesh size of 5 microns.


Industrial controller SMLogix2010C -2223


Electro-distributor unit.


DELTA frequency control

Specifications for some filtration plants

Name of indicators Cascade U-2-2,5 Cascade U-2-16
Filtration Rating 5µm (1st stage) and 1µm (2nd stage)
Filtrate transparency requirements Not lower than 97%, when measured on a spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 440-560nm.
rated performance  
for HRV, m³/h
Concentration of pulverized / powdered coal, not more than g / l. 5µm (1st stage) and 1µm (2nd stage)
Mode Automatic, continuous, with periodic regeneration of filters of the first stage. Maintaining a constant flow rate from 0.5 to par
Number of first stage filters 2 4
Material of the installation flow Stainless steel 12X18H10T, GOST 19903-74
Nominal diameter of the main line, mm 32 50
Total installation height, not more, mm 1650 1750
Length, not more, mm 2450 3500
Width, not more, mm 850 880
Weight, no more, kg 350 150
Power supply 3ph, 380V
Max. working pressure up to 6 atm.
Max. steaming temperature Up to 100 ° C
Electrical power, kW 1.5 3.0