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Obninsk Filters Group manufactures and supplies technological equipment for the control wine filtration before bottling. Completion of the filtration system includes consideration of the type of wine, the method of its microbiological stabilization, the performance of the bottling machine and the wishes of the Customer.

Case filtration equipment for wine

filters for wine A wide range of filtration plants EXPRESS-CRYSTAL is designed to work in wine bottling lines with a capacity from 1.5 to 18 thousand bottles per hour, as well as for soUFenir bottling sites. Filtration units can have one-, two- or three-stage execution and are equipped with a pump to provide the necessary pressure and full development of the service life of the filter elements. Pump binding provides a bypass line with the ability to smoothly adjust the performance of the filtration system and pressure drop across the filter elements.

Filtration plants are also produced with varying degrees of automation, which allow you to automatically control the filtration process. The basic version provides for the automatic maintenance of a predetermined pressure at the outlet of the filtration system and the control of the presence of fluid in the supply pipeline (protection from dry operation).

Additional features:

  1. At the request of the Customer, an automatic control of the degree of blocking of filter elements at each filtering stage, accounting for the resource of filter elements, as well as a graphic display of the filtering process, etc.  
  2. can be added.
  3. At the request of the customer, the system can be equipped with an additional line of water filtration or detergents for washing and regeneration of the filtration system without disassembling the bodies.

Specifications for some filtration plants

Installation mark Brand of filter-housingss included in the installation Number of filter elements in one housings and their height Diameter of the inlet and outlet nozzles, mm. Nominal water productivity, m3/hour
UF-N-0,5-2001 DFP-201-250 1 x250 25 0.5
UF-N-1-2001 DFP-201-500 1x500 25 1
UF-N-1,5-2001 DFP-201-750 1x750 32 1.5
UF-N-3-2001 DFP-203-500 3x500 32 3.0
UF-N-4-200-2001 DFP-203-750 3x750 32 4.5
UF-N-5-2001 DFP-205-500 5x500 50 5.0
UF-N-7.5-2001 DFP-205-750 5x750 50 7.5
UF-N-12-2001 DFP-208-750 8x750 50 12.0
UF-N -16-2001 DFP-208-1000 8x1000 50 16.0
UF-N-18-2001 DFP-212-750 12x750 50 18.0
UF-N-24-2001 DFP-212-1000 12x1000 50 24.0
UF-N-27-2001 DFP-218-750 18x750 80 27.0
UF-N-36-2001 DFP-218-1000 18x1000 80 36.0

filtering elements for wine

Filter elements for wine

Directly for wine filtering Obninsk Filters Group offers to supply cartridge filter elements (cartridges) of membrane and deep type from polymeric materials with filtration ratings from 0.2 to 100 microns. The choice of filter material and brand of filter elements is determined by the type of wine, the method of ensuring its resistance and microbiological stabilization before bottling.

Brief description of filter elements

Filter Element Brief Description Purpose

brand EFP-404

Pleated, disposable, have a high service life. Preliminary Wine Filtration Stages
ECOPLAST-PE brand EFP-101 Depth wells, most well regenerated, have a rigid multi-layer porous structure (i.e., conditionally in one filter a pre-filter and a filter). Lint removal is excluded. Flushing with "reverse current" is possible. Preliminary and control (« polishing ») filtration stage with « hot » bottling of fortified and dessert wines
ECOPOR-PES brand EFP-555 Membrane, regenerable, filtration ratings 0.2; 0.45; 0.65, 0.8 μm. Operating temperature up to 80°C. Used at the final stage of wine filtration when bottling in a “cold way”

Related Services

In addition to the production and supply of equipment directly for the control filtration of wines, the Obninsk Filters Group solves the following tasks in the production production chain:

  • filtering water to flush equipment,
  • filtering detergent and regenerating solutions,
  • water filtration on bottle rinses,
  • sterilizing air filtration,
  • sterilizing filtration of nitrogen and carbon dioxide,
  • fine steam cleaning.