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Obninsk Filters Group offers for the brewing industry enterprises the solution of the problems of trap filtration and providing filtering during the bottling of beer, which have proven themselves over many years of operation in a number of enterprises.

Trap Filtration Beer

The proposed filtration system allows:

  1. effectively solve the problem of diatomite diatomaceous earth after the alluvial filter.  
  2. increase beer resistance to 30 calendar days.
  3.   minimize the cost of consumables due to the uniqueness of the filter elements. (The service life of filter elements up to 2 years subject to regular CIP-washing).

Strapping filtration system

Binding system of the filtration system for beer  

F1 Filter housing on the beer filtration line
F2 Filter housing on the supply line for cleaning solutions
NC Centrifugal pump brand WILO, Germany
Q1 Sampler after the appropriate cascade of beer filtration
VO Automatic air vent

The filtration system has a supply line for cleaning solutions, with a filtration system, and returning them to the tank or discharging them to the sewer system

Beer Filtering

Filtration unit of the “ CASCADE ” series allows:

  • avoid the heat treatment of beer;
  • increase rozlivostoykost up to 6 months, which is especially important in the offseason.


System configuration with filter elements

First stage: Drain filter on the filtration line of beer with a rating of 1 micron.
ECOPLAST-PE - Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene depth filter element with a rating of 1 micron.  
- Working up to 100°C. Reused.
Second Stage: Supplying Filter on Beer Filtration Line with a Rating of 0.5 µm
ECOSTEK - Pleated depth filter element based on fine fiberglass.
- Operating temperature up to 80°C. - It has high dirt holding capacity and excellent holding capacity.  
- Effective prefilter for membrane elements which takes up almost the entire load.
Third stage: Control filter on the filtration line of beer with a rating of 0.45 microns
ECOPOR-F42 - Membrane filter element based on a fluoroplastic membrane-42.
- Has a high porosity (up to 70%), good chemical resistance.
- Working up to T = 80°C, briefly up to 90°C.
- Has a high retention capacity with an efficiency of 99.99%, ensuring guaranteed retention of bacteria.

The unit is equipped with filters for filtering water and cleaning solutions with a pump for washing, sterilizing and regenerating the filter elements of the main beer supply line. There are two entrances — for water and detergent solutions, the solution is returned at the outlet, and the water is discharged into the sewer.