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The Obninsk Filters Company Group has been specializing for more than 30 years in the production of porous materials from the most thermally and chemically resistant polymers - PTFE, UHMWPE, PES, PA, as well as microfiltration equipment based on them. Our company is the manufacturer of a range of innovative porous polymer materials, many of which are unique. We cooperate with corporations Roskosmos, Rosatom, Gazprom and Rosneft, we constantly cooperate with more than 1000 large and medium-sized enterprises in Russia and abroad. Continuing 30 years of work, we develop and manufacture new filter materials, use modern methods of cleaning liquids and gases, provide engineering and consulting services, as well as conduct research in the field of microfiltration. Over the past few years, we have significantly expanded the range of tasks to be solved, thanks to the wider use of porous plastics as pneumatic valves, reflectors, catalyst carriers, etc.

The company's goal is to develop optimal technological solutions to problems associated with the use of innovative porous polymers in various industries. The open pore system of products assumes their use in the transfer of liquid and gaseous media, not only for their filtration. The complex of properties inherent in porous materials (permeability, low density, heat capacity and thermal conductivity, high light reflection, high hydrophobicity) enables your engineers and technologists to find new solutions and applications of our materials. Various geometries and sufficient strength of porous materials make it possible to use them as independent elements in devices and structures.