Home Products Heaters for filter housings

Primary uses:

  • heating breathing filters on storage tanks for VDI and other liquids to prevent condensation and microbial mass growth;
  • maintaining a constant elevated temperature during the filtration process of high-viscosity process fluids, as well as solutions prone to crystallization.


The product consists of a heater cylinder, a control unit, a cable connecting the cylinder to the control unit, and a power cable for the control unit.


  • Heating element – silicone
  • Casing - AISI 316L Stainless Steel
  • Polymer insulation material

Features of operation

  • The removable heater housing with a built-in thermocouple has a special connector for connecting to a temperature controller. The heater can be removed from the cap for sanitization
  • Automatic maintenance of the set temperature of the inner surface of the heater cylinder
  • The control panel is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the customer (separately placed or built into the general control cabinet)
  • The length of the control cables – according to customer requirements (depending on installation location)

Product Specifications *

Operating Temperature, ° C


Max. working temperature, ° C


Internal diameter of the cylinder, mm


Outer diameter of the cylinder, mm


Height of the cylinder, mm


Mass of the assembly, kg


Power supply, V


Cylinder Heater Power, kW


* are given for the heater holder DFP-201D-250  

Heaters can be made according to the customer's TZ for any filter holders, both domestic and imported.