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Filtration of mineral, drinking water and soft drinks

The microfiltration method for water purification can solve four problems:

  1. Remove mechanical particles visible to the naked eye (filtering itself);
  2. Selective removal of colloidal iron – local iron removal systems;
  3. Reduce permanganate oxidation;
  4. Microbiological stabilization of water.

Obninsk Filters Group produces and supplies technological equipment for the filtration of natural and prepared waters. When filtering natural mineral waters, the chemical composition of water, with the exception of the content of total iron, remains unchanged, which is the main requirement in preparing for the spill of medical-table and medicinal waters.

When completing the filtration system, the following factors are taken into account: chemical composition of the water, method of microbiological stabilization during the spill, productivity of the bottling machine and wishes of the Customer.

Filtration unit DF-UM-2-600

Case filters for water treatment

A wide range of Express Crystal designed to work in bottling lines with a capacity from 1.5 to 18 thousand bottles per hour is offered, as well as for souvenir bottling sites.

Filtration units can be of one-, two- or three-stage execution and equipped with a pump to provide the necessary pressure and complete development of the service life of the filter elements. Pump binding provides a bypass line with the ability to smoothly adjust the performance of the filtration system and pressure drop across the filter elements.

Filtration units are also available, equipped with an electronic control unit that allows automatic monitoring of the filtration process. The basic version provides for the automatic maintenance of a predetermined pressure at the outlet of the filtration system and the control of the presence of liquid in the supply pipeline (protection against dry operation).

Additional features of industrial water filters:

At the request of the Customer, the level of automation can be expanded by controlling the degree of blocking of filter elements at each filtering stage, taking into account the life of the filtering elements, a graphic display of the filtering process, etc.

Specifications of some EXPRESS CRYSTAL filtration plants

Installation markInstallation weight, not more than, kgDimensions, mmNumber of housings / height of elements / number of elements in the housingNominal diameter, mmNominal production - duration, m³/hour
DF-UM-2-800 103 1580 590 1730 2 x 750 x 5 50 5
DF-UM-1-800 80 1580 590 1230 1 x 750 x 5 50 5
DF-UM-1-600 75 1325 590 1230 1 x 500 x 5 50 3
98 1325 590 1730 2 x 500 x 5 50 3
DF-UO-2-600 18 1325 450 1470 2 x 500 x 1 25 1
DF-UO-1-300   (souvenir) 13 1070 450 1100 1 x 250 x 1 25 0.5

Filter elements for water purification  

Directly for filtering water Obninsk Filters Group offers to supply cartridge filter elements (cartridges) of membrane and deep type from polymeric materials with filtration ratings from 0.2 to 100 μm.

Depending on the point of use, filter elements of various grades are offered.

Filter element brandShort descriptionPurpose
ECOPLEN-PP Depth, disposable, lint separation possible. Operating temperature up to 60°C. Used in pre-filtering
ECOSTEK Pleated, disposable, a slight lint separation is possible, the resource is at least 8 times higher than that of polypropylene elements. Not resistant to alkaline conditions. Operating temperature up to 80°C. Used as an effective prefilter in front of the membrane.
ECOPLAST-PE Depth wells, most well regenerated, have a rigid multi-layer porous structure (i.e., a conditional prefilter and filter in a single filter). Lint removal is excluded. Chemically resistant in alkaline and acidic environments. Operating temperature up to 100°C. Used for prefilter and final filtration
ECOPLAST-F Depth, regenerable, have a rigid multi-layer porous structure (i.e., conditionally a prefilter and filter in one filter). Lint removal is excluded. Almost absolute chemical resistance. Operating temperature up to 150°C. Used for prefilter and final filtration
ECOPLEN-F Pleated, based on a fluoroplastic-4 filter film. Lint removal is excluded. Almost absolute chemical resistance. The large area of the filtering surface provides a high resource of work. Operating temperature up to 80°C (short term up to 120°C). Used for pre-membrane and final filtration
Membrane, regenerable, filtration ratings 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8 μm. Operating temperature up to 80°C. Used sterilization filtration stages before bottling

In addition to the equipment directly filtering water Obninsk Filters Group solves the following tasks in the production chain:

  • Filtration of water for washing equipment, filtration of detergent and regenerating solutions;
  • Water filtration on bottle rinses;
  • Sterilizing air filtration;
  • Sterilizing filtration of nitrogen and carbon dioxide;
  • Fine steam cleaning.