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Filtration equipment manufactured by our company allows us to accomplish the following tasks for cleaning sugar syrup:  

  • remove mechanical inclusions;  
  • syrup bleaching;  
  • sterile filtering.

Enclosure equipment

A wide range of filter holders and filtration units of the CASCADE series are proposed, designed for performance from 0.1 to 20 m3/hour

Filtration installations are made in various configuration options:  

  • with one, two or three filtering steps;  
  • with a centrifugal or special pump, depending on the viscosity of the medium being filtered to provide the necessary pressure and full development of the life of the filter elements;
  • without a pump, if the Customer uses its own pressure source.

Pump binding provides a bypass line with the ability to smoothly adjust the performance of the filtration system and pressure drop across the filter elements.

Additional Functions

At the request of the Customer, the automation level can be expanded (controlling the degree of blocking of filter elements at each filtering stage, taking into account the life of the filtering elements, graphical display of the filtering process, etc.).

Technical characteristics of CASCADE filtration plants

Installation markInstallation weight no more, kgDimensions, mmThe number of elements in the housingNominal diameter, mmNominal manufacturer, m3/hour
UF-2-5-2011 103 1580 590 1730 2 x 750 x 5 50 5
UF-1-5-2011 80 1580 590 1230 1 x 750 x 5 50 5
UF-1-3-2011 75 1325 590 1230 1 x 500 x 5 50 3
UF-2-3-2011 (automatic) 98 1325 590 1730 2 x 500 x 5 50 3
UF-2-1-2011 18 1325 450 1470 2 x 500 x 1 25 1
UF-1-0,5-2011 (automatic) 13 1070 450 1100 1 x 250 x 1 25 0.5

Filter Elements

For filtering sugar syrup in order to remove mechanical impurities, we offer filter elements of the ECOSTIL brand, made of   stainless mesh with a filtration rating of up to 5 microns. These filtering elements are characterized by high performance properties:  

  • long service life, due to the ability to almost 100% regeneration;  
  • high thermal (up to 250°C) and chemical resistance;  
  • low flow resistance.  

For clarification of sugar syrup and finer filtration from mechanical particles, filter elements of the brand ECOPLAST-PE and ECOPLEN PE, made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene with a filtration rating of up to 1 micron, are offered. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene filter elements are characterized by the following performance properties:  

  • sufficiently long service life due to the ability to regenerate;  
  • high thermal (up to 100°C) and chemical resistance;  
  • slight hydraulic resistance.

For sterilizing (declining) filtration of sugar syrup, we offer filter elements of the ECOSTEK brand, made of a corrugated composite material based on submicron glass fiber and cellulose with a filtration rating of up to 0.5 µm, and filter elements of the ECOPOR brand, made of a corrugated fluoroplastic membrane with filtration rating to 0.45 microns. The corrugated filtering elements of the above materials are characterized by the following performance properties:  

  • sufficiently long working life due to the large area of the filtering surface;  
  • the ability to regenerate with hot acid-base solutions and water (up to 90°C);  
  • slight hydraulic resistance.  

Also, Obninsk Filters solves the following tasks in the food industry:  

  • filtration of alcohol, alcohol-containing liquids;  
  • filtration of beer, kvass, low-alcohol and soft drinks;  
  • filtering wines, brandies;  
  • filtration of mineral, drinking water;  
  • filtering service environments, acid and alkaline solutions;  
  • filtration of compressed gases, air, steam.

Hygiene certificates for use in the food industry have been obtained for all products. All technical requirements for filtration equipment are agreed with VNIIPBT. Products are recommended for use in the food industry.