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With a gas flow rate of up to 400 m3/h, one-cartridge filter hoisings made of stainless steel DFP-201G-750-A7-24 were sequentially installed under the filter elements in the supply line, as close as possible to the point of use. 750 mm high. The hoisings are made in a special way to allow condensate discharge. Connection to the line flange, nominal diameter 50 mm. The maximum working pressure is 16 atm. Filter hoisings are made of stainless steel grade 12X18H10T and have no stagnant zones.

At the first filtration stage, large particles are cleaned with the help of ECOSTIL elements of the brand ЭФП-222-G/70-750-А7 on the basis of stainless mesh grades with a filtration rating of 70 microns. On the second stage is same filter elements, but with a rating of 10 microns. Element Operating Temperature – up to 250°C, elements can be regenerated and reused.