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Features of filtration of products of biological synthesis:

  • The need for test filtering to determine materials and filtration ratings for each specific task;
  • The maximum possible number of filtration stages for even distribution of the mud load;
  • The use of composite materials based on fiberglass and cellulose in the prefiltration stages;
  • The need to select the material of filter elements to reduce the sorption of active substances on the surface of the filter.

Filter elements for filtering biological synthesis products:

Filter elements based on fiberglass and cellulose marks ECOSTEK

Filtration properties of which are based on high sorption capacity, have high retention with respect to colloidal contaminants of various nature

  • The use of fiberglass of different dispersion allows to produce thin cardboard 0.5-0.7 mm thick with a filtration rating of 0.5; 0.8; 1; 2 and 5 microns;
  • Adding various sorbents with both negative and positive electrokinetic potential (so-called zeta-plus, zeta-minus) allows for selective selectivity to individual cultures of microorganisms;
  • The ability to multiple washes (5% solution of caustic soda at a temperature of up to 90 °) can significantly increase the service life;
  • Elements can withstand any method of sanitary-chemical treatment in accordance with MU-287-113. Sterilization with live steam in a line at 121°C for 45 minutes.

Pleated film filter elements based on polypropylene film ECOPLEN-PP


They have a high holding capacity in relation to colloidal and mechanical impurities. Used for coarse preliminary and fine clarifying filtration of protein preparations, culture, bacterial and enzymatic media.

  • Filtration rating from 1 to 10 μm;
  • High work resource;
  • Elements can withstand any method of sanitary-chemical treatment in accordance with MU-287-113. Sterilization with live steam in a line at 121°C for 45 minutes.

Membrane filter elements brand ECOPOR-PA based on polyamide membrane and brand ECOPOR-F42 based on hydrophilic fluoroplast-42.


Used for fine filtration of culture, bacterial and enzymatic media.

  • Large filtration area;
  • high performance;
  • low material resistance;
  • Particle retention efficiency – 99.996%;
  • Operating temperature – from 0 to 70°C;
  • Elements are subject to sanitary and chemical treatment in accordance with MU-287-113.  
    Sterilization – in an autoclave at T = 121°C and P = 0.11   MPa.

Filter housings

Filter housings

Obninsk Filters offers filter housings stainless steel AISI 316L, providing performance from 100 l/h to 10 m3/h.

  • Filter housings are made in the medical version, with electro-polishing;
  • Due to the one-piece construction of the base of the filter housing, the number of welds is minimized, all surfaces of the filter housing can be easily processed and polished.

Sterilizing filtration of compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.

Filter elements with a fluoroplastic membrane-4 mark ECOPLEN-F


Pore size 0.1-0.5  μm:

  • Hydrophobicity;
  • Inertness and neutrality;
  • Low resistance;
  • High particle retention efficiency;
  • Air capacity 15-300   m3/(m 2   x   h   x   kPa);
  • Operating temperature up to 130°C;
  • Sterilization temperature of 135°C;
  • The possibility of multiple chemical regenerations.

The high performance of fluoroplast-4 membrane-based elements allows them to be used as respiratory filters on containers. To install the filtering elements, a number of filter housings are produced in series, specially designed for installation on the tank to ensure air exchange. Also, several filter separator options have been developed for cleaning waste gases from fermenters, which provide for the possibility of not only cleaning the exhaust air, but also returning the culture mass back to the fermenter.

Steam cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Stainless steel enclosures:

  • It is made with thermal protection from polyurethane foam, including in hermetic design for clean rooms;
  • It is possible to collect and discharge condensate, including in automatic mode;
  • Provides performance up to 500 kg of steam per hour;
  • Operating temperature up to 170°C.

Stainless Steel Filter Elements ECOSTEEL


Used for steam prefiltration:

  • Filtration rating from 5 to 500 microns;
  • Operating temperature up to 230°C;
  • All-metal construction;
  • The ability to regenerate and reuse.

Filter elements made of fluoroplast-4 mark ECOPLAST-F

Used for final steam cleaning:

  • Effective removal of aerosol particles of moisture and oil;
  • Filtration rating from 0.2 μm to 10 μm;
  • Operating temperature up to 160°C;
  • The ability to regenerate and reuse.