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is designed for filtration when solid or colloid sediments are washed over the filtering surface.

Predominantly used for rough preliminary treatment of a wide range of liquids with high content of solid phase in different industries. In 250 mm high element the filtering material in the form of a sleeve is pulled on a perforated polypropylene frame reinforced from inside with a twisted stainless steel frame. The shaped surface of the film abuts with the frame providing drainage. The particle retention effectiveness is determined with the thickness of a washed over layer and the properties of sediments. The design of washed type filtering elements enables washing over of solid phase including with addition of loosening agents such as diatomaceous earth etc. The material’s smooth and easy-to-wash surface guarantees the possibility of multiple removal of impurities by means of back-purging or washing.

technical characteristics of filter elements width a high 250 mm

Filtration rating, µm

5,0    10      20     

Filtering area, m2


Operating temperature range, °С

From -20 to +100

Maximum differential pressure in the forward direction

0.6 MPa at 40°С

0.4 MPa at 100°С

рН range



Chemical sterilization and autoclaving at a temperature of + 121°C for 30 minutes. Number of cycles - at least 20.

Hydraulic characteristics of filter cartridge with a height of 250 mm of the EFP-601-L brand with different ratings of liquid filtration (μ=1cP, t = 20°С)

Example order (filter element ECOPLEN-PE-N with a rating of 5 micron height 250 mm)







Material code: on the basis of a porous film of UHMWPE

Numerator: L (liqiud)

Denominator: Filter rating, μm

Height of the working part of the element, mm

Adapter code:  A7

Sealing material S; E