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Depth filtering elements ECOPLAST-FEP-F of the brand EFP-110-L based on polytetrafluoroethylene of the brand fluoroplast-4

Filter elements ECOPLAST-FEP-F are designed for fine and coarse cleaning of liquids, including the number of aggressive (oils, fuels, acids, alkalis, hydraulic solutions, liquefied gases)   at temperatures from -40 to + 160°C in various industries.

Construction and materials

The element is made entirely of polytetrafluoroethylene (brand F-4, GOST 10007-80) using a unique technology, without any additives or fillers.  

The element is a single-layer hollow porous cylinder with the following geometric dimensions:

  • outer diameter – 152 mm, inner diameter – 130 mm, height – 205 mm (FEP 152-130-205)  
  • outer diameter – 118 mm, inner diameter – 85 mm, height – 282 mm
  • outer diameter – 116 mm, inner diameter – 94 mm, height – 205 mm  
  • outer diameter – 75 mm, inner diameter – 49 mm, height – 220 mm  
  • outer diameter – 47 mm inner diameter – 34 mm, height – 120 mm
  • outer diameter – 42 mm inner diameter – 30 mm, height – 80 mm
  • outer diameter – 30 mm inner diameter – 20 mm, height – 60mm
  • outer diameter – 25 mm inner diameter – 15 mm, height – 50 mm

The filtration rating of an element depends on the degree of dispersion of polytetrafluoroethylene powder (fluoroplast-4 grade, GOST 10007-80).  

Thermal bonding of the pre-treated powder occurs when the product is sintered in a mold.  

Installation of the element in the filter housing is carried out by sealing the ends.

In coordination with the Customer, filter elements with other sizes can be made.

General Information

Maximum thermochemical resistance of porous polytetrafluoroethylene filtering elements makes it possible to use ECOPLAST-FEP-F elements to filter aggressive and highly aggressive liquids and liquefied gases, at temperatures from -40 to + 150°C.

Used in enterprises of the energy industry (including nuclear energy), mechanical engineering, electronic, chemical and other industries.

When filtering transformer oil or turbine oil has the following parameters: purity class according to GOST 17216-2001 is not worse than 7 (filtration accuracy 5 microns), mass content of mechanical impurities no more than 10 g/t.

ECOPLAST-FEP-F filter elements are able to withstand any methods of sanitary-chemical treatment, sterilization and regeneration and provide a long service life due to the possibility of carrying out chemical regenerations.

High mechanical strength, allowing it to withstand high pressure drops in the forward and reverse directions, significantly increases the service life of the elements due to washing with hot water, chemical solvents, blowing air or steam in the opposite direction of filtration, which is especially important for insoluble contaminants.

Filtering elements of the brand ECOPLAST FEP-F can be used for filtering transformer oil in installations of UVO, UVM, FUM-F.

Specifications for items with height   205 mm

Possible filtering ratings, µm.

1.0         5.0       10         20      

Operating Temperature Range,  °C

-40 to + 150°C

Maximum pressure drop in the forward and reverse filtration direction

0.4 MPa at 20°C

0.2 MPa at 150°C

pH range

1 &14


Steam treatment in line at 142°C for 30 minutes without limiting sterilization cycles

Fluid flow rate ([micro] = 1 sPz) at t = 20°C and Δ = 0.1 MPa, m 3 /hour

8           20           30           40


• Declaration of Conformity of the TR CU "On safety of machinery and equipment"

Order Example of the ECOPLAST-FEP-F-L filter element with a rating of 5 microns with an outer diameter of 152 mm, with an inner diameter of 130 mm, and height of 205 mm.







Cartridge Filter Element

Material code: Deep PTFE-4

Numerator: L (liquid-liquid)  

Denominator: Filtration Rating, µm

Height of the working part of the element, mm

External and internal diameter of the element, mm