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Brand EFP-202-G, EFP-222-G based on Stainless steel mesh

The filter elements of ECOSTEEL are designed to remove particles larger than 5 μm from gaseous media at temperatures up to -60 to + 150°C.

General Information 

Low hydraulic resistance of the elements of ECOSTEEL ensures high productivity and is limited by the capacity of the filter holder.

The high thermochemical resistance of the ECOSTEEL elements makes it possible to use the ECOSTEEL-G elements for steam cleaning, as well as to carry out multiple steaming in the line and chemical regeneration, which significantly increases the service life of the elements.

The mechanical strength of the elements allows filtration at high pressure drops - up to 20 atm in the direction of filtration. The protection of the working layer by the support grids allows to work in any direction and to carry out blowing back steam or gas.

Design and technical characteristics of the filter elements by the reverse flow of steam or gas 






Composition of the filter package

Drainage mesh - Filtering-grid - Drainage-grid of stainless steel


Characteristic of the filter material

Stainless steel grade AISI 304 filtering mesh is made of twill weave meshes with filtration ratings 5, 10, 20, 40 μm or plain weave meshes with filtration ratings 70, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, and 1000 μm

Geometry of the filter package

Non-pleated filter package - in the form of a sleeve


Welding method

Polypropylene melt

Laser welding of seams


Geometry of the filter package


Outer diameter - 65 mm, height - up to 1 m

Outer diameter - 65 mm or 150 mm, height - unlimited, upon agreement it is possible to manufacture filter elements according to the drawings of the Customer


Filtering area, m2


0.05 (for an element with a height of 250 mm)

0.05 (for an element 250 mm high and 65 mm external diameter) 0.12 (for an element of 250 mm height and an outer diameter of 150 mm)


Perforated frames

One internal casting frame made of polypropylene reinforced with a twisted frame of stainless steel

One inner frame of perforated stainless steel sheet with internal stiffeners

End parts

Both injection molded from polypropylene

Both of stainless steel



Operating temperature range, °С


-40 to +100

-70 to +300°С (in oxygen  atmosphere)

 -70 to +800°С (in inert gas)


Maximum direct pressure drop, MPa

0,6 at +40°С

0,2 at +100°С

2,0 at +40°С

0,6 at +150°С

Maximum reverse differential pressure, MPa






Rinsing with direct and reverse current with hot clean water, steam, detergent solutions or filtrate. Elements survive CIP-washing at temperatures up to +100°С


The same as for an EFP-202 brand element. Burned in an oven at a temperature of

Up to + 300-500°С.



Sharp steam in the line at T = + 135°С

Within 30 minutes without restriction of sterilization cycles


Recommended gas flow rate (at 20°C), m³/h


Up to 100 (for air)



• Certificate of registration Roszdravnadzor (Ministry of Health)

• Declaration of Conformity TR CU "On safety of machinery and equipment"

• Expert conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor

• Conclusion on toxicological, sanitary-chemical and biological tests

• ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008)


Order example (Filter element ECOSTEEL-G with a rating of 5 μm height of 250 mm)










Material code: stainless steel mesh

Numerator: G (gas-gas)

Denominator: Filter rating, μm


Height of the working part of the element, mm


Adapter code: А0; А7; F0; F1


Sealing material S; E