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Pleated membrane filter elements ECOPOR-PA-L brand EFP-535-L based on the membrane of polyamide

ECOPOR-PA-LFiltration elements ECOPOR-RA-L are designed to remove particles from a liquid size of 0.2 μm at temperatures from -5 to 60°C. They are mainly used for fine clarifying, depigmenting and sterilizing filtration of slightly aggressive liquids in various industries.

Construction and materials

The filter material is a hydrophilic porous, non-support membrane made of polyamide (capron). To increase filtration reliability, a membrane with a single pore size can be laid in two layers. To increase the service life, membranes with different pore sizes can be placed in two layers. The filter material, together with the outer and inner drainage layers of nonwoven thermally bonded polypropylene, is laid in the form of a hollow cylindrical corrugated package and is placed between the outer and inner perforated frames. Elements of height 500, 750 or 1000 mm are obtained by welding 2, 3 or 4 elements with a height of 250 mm through the transition parts. Elements of any height can be made both in a deadlock and through execution. The end and transition parts, outer and inner perforated frames of the elements are made of polypropylene and hermetically welded to the ends of the corrugated package. The particle retention efficiency is not less than 99.99% with the declared filtration rating and the recommended fluid flow rate.

General information

The high selectivity of the polyamide membrane, due to the narrow distribution of pores, provides high filtration efficiency and allows sterilizing filtration of pharmaceutical and food liquids.
High hydrophilicity and porosity of the polyamide membrane provide low resistance and high efficiency of the ECOPOR-RA elements in the filtration of water and aqueous solutions.
Large filtration area and distribution of mud load between two layers of membranes with different pore size provides a high service life.
High retention capacity with respect to colloidal particles of different nature allows effectively clarifying liquids and using the elements of ECOPOR-RA to remove opalescence in solutions.

Technical characteristics of the filters height of 250 mm (10 inches)

Filter rating, μm






Minimum value of bubble point on water, MPa






Filtering area, m2


Operating temperature range, °С

-5 - 60 (75 for a short time)

Maximum differential pressure, MPa

0.4 at 20°C; 0.2 at 60°C

The number of sterilization cycles by autoclaving at ΔP = 0.11 MPa and t = 121°C for 30-45 min

Not less than 15


washing with filtered desalted water at T ≤ 70°C in the filtration direction

Range рН

2 - 13

Recommended flow rate

Till 300


• Certificate of registration Roszdravnadzor (Ministry of Health)

• Declaration of Conformity TR CU "On safety of machinery and equipment"

Example order (filter element with a rating of 0.45 micron height 250 mm)








Material code: 

Membrane made of polyamide

Numerator: L (liquid)

Filter rating,

Height of the working part of the element, mm

Adapter code: 
А0; А7; F0; F1

Sealing material S; E