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фильтры ФЭП

Technical mark EFP-111-L

ECOPLAST-FEP-PE is used for preliminary and final cleaning of liquids including highly aggressive ones from solid mechanical particles in the temperature range from — 60 to +100°С.

Construction and materials

The element is made of UHMWPE without any additives and fillers.

The element is made entirely as a single-layer hollow porous cylinder with the following geometrical dimensions:

  • outside diameter — 152 mm, inside diameter — 130 mm, height — 205 mm.
  • outside diameter — 116 mm, inside diameter — 94 mm, height — 205 mm.
  • outside diameter — 25 mm, inside diameter — 17 mm, height — 40 mm.
  • outside diameter — 37 mm, inside diameter — 30 mm, height — 57 mm.

The element’s filtration rating depends on the degree of dispersity of UHMWPE powder. The powder is thermally bound when the product is baked in the press-mold.

It is possible to make filtering elements under customer drawings.

Can be used as an alternative to ceramic filters for filtration of liquids (gases) up to 100°С.

Technical characteristics of the filters height of 205 mm

Filtration rating, µm

1.0; 5.0; 10; 20

Operating temperature range, °С

from -60 to +100°С

Maximum forward and backward differential pressure

0.6 MPa at +20°С,

0.3 MPa at +100°С,

pH range


Aerodynamic characteristics of filtering elements with a height of 2500 mm EFP-111 with different filtration ratings (t = 20°С)

  • Certification


Declaration of Conformity TR CU "On the safety of machinery and equipment"


 Example order:  (Filtering element ECOPLAST-FEP-PE with a rating of 5 microns with outer and inner diameters 152 and 130 mm high, 205 mm.)










Material code: deep from UHMWPE

Numerator: L (L-liquid)

Denominator: Filter rating, μm

Height of the working part of the element, mm


Outer and inner diameter of the element, mm